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Our turf is left longer in the paddock so it’s thicker and lusher and establishes quicker when laid.

Preparation for your New Lawn

Preparing the surface for your new lawn is very important to ensure optimal results. We can provide you with all the know-how to prepare your site.

  1. Begin by killing off existing turf and weeds. Use a good herbicide as per directions. Allow 10-14 days for it to take full effect. A second spray may be required.
  2. Remove large clods, sticks and other debris.
  3. Rotary Hoeing is a recommended procedure for aeration of soil to stimulate root growth.
  4. If the site soil has good qualities you may not be required to purchase new soil.
  5. If imported soil is required, measure the area and the height of the soil required.
  6. Contact us and we’ll be able to help you with the amount required.
  7. Rake your surface smooth and level removing any debris, rocks and roots.
  8. Keep the soil level under or below footpaths and / or driveways.

Call us on 0448595007/ 0448595007
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