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Our turf is left longer in the paddock so it’s thicker and lusher and establishes quicker when laid.

Measuring your Lawn Area

Before ordering your turf you’ll need to plan your new lawn. It’s important to order the right amount of turf and soil, so measuring the area accurately is always a good idea. If you need any help calculating how much turf you’ll need we can help you, but here are a few tips.

Like most things in life, it’s simple when you know how…

You will need 1 cubic metre of turf per 10 square metre of garden space.  For irregular shapes it can be easier to break the area down into manageable chunks and then add up all the measurements. It’s always a good idea to order a little bit extra (5 or 10%)  just in case!

Measuring a square or rectangle

Simply multiply the length by the width.

Measuring a circle

Multiply the radius by itself and then by 3.14.

Measuring a triangle

Multiply the height by the base divided by 2.

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